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A.C.A. Howe is a crucial mining bridge for China

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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 04 October, 2012, 4:11pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 04 October, 2012, 4:12pm

There is no substitute for experience in the field of mining exploration. Industry veteran A.C.A. Howe International proves this anew with a revitalised project management business as mining exploration turns to new players and emerging zones.

"We help clients deal with the complexities of resources development," says Felix Lee, A.C.A. Howe president. "Chinese companies running exploration programmes in Canada have started to retain us because of our familiarity with navigating local rules and regulations. We can leverage our vast experience globally to further assist in regions such as Africa."

Operating since 1960, A.C.A. Howe is recognised for its wide scope of expertise in commodity and deposit types. Having completed more than 1,500 projects spanning 30 countries, A.C.A. Howe is distinguished in due diligence work and the management of exploration projects involving a broad range of base metals, precious metals and other minerals.

Aside from exploration in emerging mining zones such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mexico, A.C.A. Howe's new milestone springs from the influx of mainland investors to Canada's resources sector. With personal ties to Hong Kong, Lee has also long nurtured capital-raising prospects on Hong Kong's stock exchange for mineral exploration, and formed an association last year with Hong Kong-based Rockhound Asia. With geological experts in many commodities including iron ore, precious metals, uranium and diamonds, A.C.A. Howe looks towards contributing to mainland companies eyeing an international listing.

"We are excited to be the conduit of this business flow, whether in pursuit of a secondary listing in Hong Kong, securing financing there or elsewhere in Asia-Pacific or resource development in Canada and emerging mining zones," Lee says.

Well-positioned in global mining developments, the company is keen on mentoring upcoming geologists and engineers towards a bright future in mining and geological consulting.