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ElephantTalk helps telecom operators maximise networks

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PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 October, 2012, 11:15am
UPDATED : Monday, 27 May, 2013, 4:25pm

As telecommunications technologies and applications evolve rapidly, operators are pushed to maximise their services and improve customer satisfaction. Global companies have come to rely on communications and multimedia content distributor ElephantTalk Communications.

ElephantTalk combines fixed line and wireless access technologies, proprietary intelligent network and billing and customer relations management systems. It provides a variety of companies with a comprehensive suite of products and services that enables them to use the extensive capabilities of mobile networks to better interact with their existing and future customer base.

ElephantTalk's Mobile Virtual Network Enabling platform is integrated with media and location-based services and enhanced with near field communication and other systems. It provides mobile operators and virtual operators a complete package, enabling them to focus on marketing and sales.

Listed on the New York Stock Exchange Amex, ElephantTalk has a fully diluted market capitalisation of about HK$3.88 billion.

"ElephantTalk has all the main building blocks that operators need to run a complete mobile operation - including billing, rating, customer care, switching, intelligent networking and a complete host of data mining," says ElephantTalk chairman and CEO Steven van der Velden. "Through our own source codes, we bring various packages into one platform that businesses can use to manage millions of customer relationships through mobile internet and mobile cloud."

ElephantTalk cites mobile internet and cloud computing as examples of how mobile networks can maximise applications across various industries. Banks, for instance, can help customers authenticate automated teller machine (ATM) transactions through the user's mobile phone.

Helping ElephantTalk maintain security in such sophisticated services is telecom-based authentication solutions provider ValidSoft, whose expertise encompasses the internet, phone banking, call centres, virtual private networks and extranets.

Among ValidSoft's latest breakthroughs is the VALid-POS fraud detection and prevention solution, which determines if an ATM transaction involving a payment card is in proximity to a mobile phone linked to the actual cardholder.

"We meet all the criteria to successfully deploy VALid-POS on a mass scale," says ValidSoft CEO Patrick Carroll. ElephantTalk aims to carry out the deployment this year by working with major banks in Hong Kong, the mainland and Asia-Pacific where it has been dedicated for the past two years.

ElephantTalk also looks forward to expanding in Asia-Pacific. "We welcome channel partners and operators that want to use their networks beyond making phone calls," van der Velden says. "We're open to helping integrators improve their mobile services or secure transactions with ValidSoft applications."