Sunkist stays ahead in providing needs of foam manufacturers

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PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 October, 2012, 5:02pm
UPDATED : Monday, 27 May, 2013, 4:49pm

Sunkist Chemical Machinery founder and general manager Ken Hwang has the uncanny ability to foresee what foam manufacturers require. Even before the business world coined the term "one stop shop", Sunkist has been offering complete turnkey solutions to foam manufacturers looking for quality but reasonably priced machines.

"When we started 32 years ago, I envisioned offering all the machines needed by foam manufacturers," Hwang says. "We have everything from A to Z."

The company designs and produces at least 89 machine systems for foam manufacturing, storing, dispensing, cutting, quilting, moulding, recycling, rebonding, laminating, peeling, chipping, sealing, milling and bedding.

Each machine is backed by comprehensive service support and may be customised for the specific requirements of its clients in the food packaging, transportation, household goods and apparel industries in more than 108 countries.

Besides opening a new facility in Taiwan this year, Sunkist will begin operation of a new plant on the mainland this month to serve the mass market and bring customer service closer to existing clients there.

"Timing is most important," Hwang says. "If we had focused on the mainland earlier, we would have gotten just a few orders because most manufacturers were looking for cheaper, low-quality machines then. The mainland is slowly embracing quality and we're ready for that."

Holding more than 45 patent rights in Taiwan and overseas, Sunkist stands proud that its machines represent precision and high-quality engineering. Some of the machines Sunkist fabricated 32 years ago are still working and this efficient performance translates into minimal waste and significant savings for clients.

Sunkist wants to bring customer service to a new level. "A manufacturer like us gradually turns into more like a service company," says Hwang's son and special assistant Willie Huang. "It is important to take care of our clients just as the service industry would cater to theirs. Providing the whole package is important."