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Closer co-operation helps strengthen maritime ties

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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 17 October, 2012, 11:49am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 28 May, 2013, 9:53am

With the continued growth of China's shipbuilding industry, opportunities for Japanese maritime product manufacturers are on the increase. Japanese marine equipment manufacturers typically sell products directly to Chinese buyers or through distributors in China. For close to a century, The China & Japan Marine Industries company, based in Kobe, has developed a different strategy by positioning itself as a specialised trader of marine products.

Originally founded in 1915 and re-established in 1949, the company name illustrates the strong ties the company has with its trade partners in Hong Kong and the mainland.

The China & Japan Marine Industries president, Hiromasa Sai, says: "We initially established business ties with shipowners in Hong Kong through our partnership with Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Our business expanded once we began selling diesel engines, propellers and other marine equipment to the mainland. As our trade with China developed, so did our footprint throughout the region."

In 2006, the company established Senkori Trading, a consolidated subsidiary in Dalian, a main city and seaport in Liaoning province, northeast China. Branch offices were opened in Nantong in Jiangsu province in 2008 and Shanghai in 2010.

"The competitive advantage we have is that we are an established and specialised trader in marine products. This allows us to offer our customers tailored solutions in order to meet client expectations. Instead of visiting several different suppliers in Japan, customers can purchase their products directly from us. We also offer warehousing and logistics services to our customers, which enables us to perform as a one-stop-shop offering a complete solutions package for all our customers in China," Sai explains.

The China & Japan Marine Industries company deals in the highest quality products from the most reputable Japanese companies. Partners include machinery, hull and electric outfitters, marine paint manufacturers, catering equipment firms, electric cable producers and soot-removal system suppliers.

"We aim to focus on environmental technologies and vessel efficiency in the future," Sai says. "Japanese manufacturers are spearheading this essential aspect of the maritime industry through innovative product developments. As The China & Japan Marine Industries company moves forward, we intend to supply our valued customers in China with 'green' products as we continue to work ever more closely together."