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Hakuzo makes medical care safer and hygienic

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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 24 October, 2012, 2:39pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 23 May, 2013, 4:46pm

The medical industry cannot afford to skimp on quality. With lives at stake, the margin for error is zero and this pushes medical professionals to trust only suppliers that can guarantee the utmost safety, hygiene and quality of products.

Hakuzo Medical boasts a long history of meeting the stringent demands of Japanese medical treatment facilities. As one of Japan's most established suppliers of infection control and medicinal solution-impregnated products such as push swabs and alcohol-impregnated cotton, the company plans to expand on the mainland and in emerging markets of Southeast Asia.

Delivering directly to hospitals and increasingly through distributors, Hakuzo continues to work closely with doctors and nurses to improve its offerings. It manufactures products at two plants in Japan: the Fukushima plant in Soma City and the Kumamoto plant in Kikuchi City. Both make use of cutting-edge equipment that has passed strict safety and medical standards, further enhancing the trustworthiness of the Hakuzo brand.

As part of its international strategy, Hakuzo intends to focus on the over-the-counter market on the mainland. It has an existing dealer in Liaoning, and plans to expand relationships with distributors of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and maternity products, among others.

"If we become successful in China, we plan to eventually set up a new factory in a developing country," says Hiroshi Sasaki, president.

Hakuzo plans to expand in other Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines. "We want to export to these developing countries and are looking for partners that can help us with their pharmaceutical laws," Sasaki says. Hakuzo will provide new business opportunities to these emerging markets and bring its time-tested products and services customised to the needs of medical treatment and nursing care facilities.

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