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Tabio perfects art of hosiery making

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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 24 October, 2012, 3:10pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 23 May, 2013, 4:37pm

Tabio Corporation combines function and fashion to create high-quality socks, tights, stockings and leggings. Despite the proliferation of China-made socks in Japan, most of Tabio's products are Japan-made to uphold the highest quality and to preserve Japanese traditional techniques and craftsmanship.

The company creates socks that deliver unparalleled comfort. Tabio sources its products from local factories equipped with the best machinery to make high-quality socks.

"Tabio manufactures products in smaller quantities because Japanese craftsmen carefully produce the socks, one by one, at slower speed. We believe that supplying the best socks that fit delicately as if you are not actually wearing socks leads to better lifestyle and better mentality," says Katsuhiro Ochi, president.

Thriving in a fashion-forward environment such as Japan, Tabio adapts to the daily consumer demand depending on style trends and weather changes to determine the best product line-up and quantity for a particular season.

In line with Tabio's philosophy of keeping manufacturers, retailers and consumers happy, the company devised a network system based on point-of-sale data. The system enables Tabio to deliver the right products without burdening shops with unneeded inventory. The system shares sales information across all stores, distribution centres and the main office. It also sends information to knitting factories so they can determine the correct quantities the stores need.

Present in London and Paris, Tabio has stores along the streets and concessions in department stores. The company eyes Asian countries as its next international markets.

"We're looking for partners to help us in Asia. They should know how to manage stores well and should understand the importance of customer service. We supply good quality socks and the best way to succeed in a new market is through hospitable service," Ochi says.

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