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Olympic athletes rely on ITO physiotherapy products

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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 24 October, 2012, 4:08pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 23 May, 2013, 4:46pm

Olympic athletes depend on the ITO brand of physiotherapy products to keep their bodies in peak form.

"We dominate the market, supplying to up to 90 per cent of Olympic athletes," says president Atsumi Ohta. "For them to use ITO for best performance is enough to show that our devices are trusted worldwide."

From an X-ray manufacturer founded in 1916, ITO has become one of the leading suppliers of electrotherapy products in more than 60 countries. Using shortwave, microwave and ultrasound technologies, doctors, therapists and athletes have associated the ITO brand with safety, quality and reliability.

The company has developed this reputation by adopting a quality control system covering all company processes ranging from product development to customer service. ITO's Reliability Control Center, which was completed in 2004, houses the world's most advanced testing equipment to ensure quality that is above global standards. The equipment includes intelligent load testing robots, micro focus X-ray inspection systems, specimen verification machines and thermal shock chambers.

ITO's science department includes physiotherapists and medical specialists. The company also collaborates with universities, hospitals and research organisations to develop innovative and user friendly products.

The US-101, the world's first hand-held ultrasound, features organic electro-luminescence display and is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use and for house calls. It works on alternating current or batteries.

ITO is also working on machines that hasten bone formation. The company has released initial models showcasing this innovation. The Osteotron IV Ultrasound Bone Growth Stimulator promotes rapid recovery by accelerating the formation and union of fractured bones.

"We will focus on things beyond rehabilitation," Ohta says. "We are experimenting on the cellular level and we're doing it ahead of most other companies. We're expanding into other fields such as internal medicine, gynaecology and neurology."

The company has been in Singapore for the past 30 years and would like to partake in new opportunities as the country gives renewed focus on health care. ITO aims to further strengthen its presence not only in Asia, especially on the mainland, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and India, but also in the Middle East, Europe and Brazil.

"We are expanding to where the market will take us and need partners who have the heart to spread our products," Ohta says.