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Ube develops fully customised ultrapure chemicals

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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 24 October, 2012, 5:16pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 23 May, 2013, 4:35pm

Chemicals are most potent in their pure form. The world's leading calcia and magnesia products manufacturer Ube Material Industries delivers such quality chemicals to satisfy the specific needs of clients from various industries.

The company's calcium carbonate, for example, is 99.9 per cent pure and sought by its customers to produce many products from food additives to optical lenses. Its high-grade magnesia lines, including its 99.98 per cent pure single crystal magnesium oxide, are ideal for nano electronics and ultra-thin glass components for flat screen TVs and solar panels.

"It's very important for us to understand what our customers require and our ability to meet those demands is our key advantage," says president Kenichi Abe. "The logistics network we offer also generates significant cost savings for our clients."

Ube Material Industries is Japan's largest producer of calcia from limestone and the country's sole manufacturer of magnesia clinker for refractory from seawater. It caters to various industries such as steel, paper, electronics, optics and waste management in Japan, South Korea, India, Taiwan and on the mainland. To capture the growing demand from these markets, the company has partnered with Sojitz on the mainland to produce up to 300,000 tonnes of additional quick lime.

The company leverages its research and development expertise to expand into these markets with environment friendly products. Its Calbreed S II is a highly reactive calcium hydroxide solution, which eliminates more emissions from waste incinerators compared with other competing products. The company's special magnesium oxide is more thermal conductive than alumina when used in vehicles and LED casings.

"We see Asian economies continuing to expand and we're working on products that would help us capture this growth," Abe says. "We would like to partner with companies that will find our technology useful to them."

Ube Material Industries