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Saishunkan redefines customer service at Skincare Lounge

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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 25 October, 2012, 9:34am
UPDATED : Thursday, 23 May, 2013, 4:37pm

Skincare is more than skin deep for Saishunkan Pharmaceutical. Moving beyond traditional counter-to-customer transactions, the company continuously takes customer care to a higher level.

One of Saishunkan's latest endeavours to bring its skincare expertise to Asia is the Hong Kong Skincare Lounge. Rather than focusing on retail activities, the lounge emphasises product trials and consultations. Customers are treated to the same quality service Saishunkan is known for in Japan. As the face of the company's telemarketing service, the lounge also gives customers a chance to personally meet skincare advisers.

Telemarketing, which the company has implemented in Hong Kong, is a key factor in Saishunkan's success. Though relatively new to the local market, Saishunkan uses telemarketing alongside its online platform to introduce new customers to the company's skincare line, Domohorn Wrinkle.

The eight-product skincare line, carefully selected for the local market, contains natural ingredients for treating wrinkles and spots associated with ageing. The line includes Oil-in-Gel Remover, Silky Cream Foam, Relieving Foam Mask, Intense Hydrator, Vital White Essence, Cream20, Milky Veil Lotion and UV Dress Cream.

These products are constantly improved based on customer feedback and research and development. "We focus on enhancing the healing properties of our eight products instead of making a lot of products for profit," says president Masaaki Nishikawa.

Believing in "healthy skin for a healthy body", the company draws on its 80 years of experience in manufacturing products based on traditional Chinese herbal medicine for the Japanese market.

Putting the utmost importance on customer satisfaction has enabled Saishunkan to build a substantial base of discerning repeat customers in Japan. Many of these customers trust the company to solve their skin problems and have used its products for 10 to 20 years.

Saishunkan ensures the freshness and quality of its products by manufacturing and delivering them directly to customers only upon receipt of a customer's call. Apart from allowing customers to order products at their convenience, telemarketing also helps Saishunkan identify areas for product improvement.

Customers may likewise call Saishunkan's telemarketing service for skincare advice.

The company trains its customer relations officers as long-term skincare advisers instead of sales personnel.

Taiwan is the next market to experience Saishunkan's responsive skin care solutions. The company began its operations there on October 6.

"Our main target is to bring fresh and safe products from our factory in Japan," Nishikawa says. "Improving the skin of our overseas customers is our priority."

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