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Osaka prefecture offers outstanding opportunities to overseas businesses

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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 25 October, 2012, 9:38am
UPDATED : Thursday, 23 May, 2013, 4:43pm

Osaka prefecture lives up to the "City of Merchants" name that history has given its capital.

Cultivating the business-friendly environment the region is known for, the Osaka prefectural government encourages the growth of companies that choose to call Osaka home.

"We are proud of Osaka and our technology, and we are famous for our service," says governor Ichiro Matsui.

"We would like to use this strength to form partnerships with companies abroad and to promote industries in Osaka."

In addition to being the headquarters of several major corporations, Osaka is renowned for being a haven to small and medium enterprises that focus on cutting-edge manufacturing technology.

Osaka also has a flourishing health services sector, which the prefectural government aims to promote for medical tourism. An advanced cancer treatment facility in Osaka is expected to be completed around 2015.

The Umekita development centre north of Osaka city is another prime investment opportunity featuring business and residential zones. The Knowledge Capital at the heart of Umekita is a complex for creative collaboration between the government and academia which will open next year.

The Osaka prefectural government is working with Osaka city mayor Toru Hashimoto to give tax breaks to companies operating in Umekita and other comprehensive global strategic special zones in the prefecture. Osaka's tax reduction system is the first in Japan and makes Osaka more globally competitive.

The local government also assures businesses of its speed in processing and decision-making. "If you want to make an investment, three days would be enough in Osaka to make a decision," Matsui says.

Osaka prefecture has friendship tie-ups with several regions around the world, including Shanghai and Jiangsu. "China is a next door neighbour, so we have to strengthen our partnership with China," Matsui says.

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