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Hogy Indonesia garments raise hospital safety to higher levels

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PUBLISHED : Friday, 02 November, 2012, 10:18am
UPDATED : Thursday, 23 May, 2013, 4:27pm

Hospitals must maintain high quality standards to avoid compromising the health of patients and medical personnel. Committed to this cause, Hogy Indonesia is enhancing safety in Indonesian hospitals by promoting the use of disposable garments that protect patients and medical staff from blood-related infections in operating rooms.

"We are committed first to keeping our product safe and second to growing the Indonesian market," says Satoshi Maeda, president and director.

Hogy Indonesia, subsidiary of Japanese company Hogy Medical, manufactures disposable non-woven fabric products including medical gowns, caps, drapes and accessories. Established to supply manufactured products to its parent company, the company exports the vast majority of its goods back to Japan.

With a vision to provide locals with access to its protective technology, Hogy Medical Sales was established last year to focus on increasing the usage of disposables among Indonesian hospitals.

"The majority of Indonesian hospitals still employ reusable linen products, which are laundered and sanitised up to 50 times before disposal. Our disposable products increase efficiency by eliminating the need for hospitals to do laundry or perform sterilisation, and they protect from infectious diseases," Maeda says.

Hogy manufactures specialised garments to create a barrier between all parties during surgical procedures.

Materials used in Hogy Indonesia's products are water-repellent, preventing blood and chemicals from penetrating the fabric.

While focusing on growing the local market, Hogy Indonesia has also dedicated itself to meeting stringent standards and delivery time for its exports to Japan. Fluent in Bahasa, English and Japanese, Maeda has developed a strong corporate culture to sustain a long future for Hogy Indonesia.

"Our company is always watching out for our employees and taking care of them and their families. This attitude and communication are important to fulfil our role of contributing to Hogy Medical Japan," Maeda says.