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KSR breeds success naturally through re-mineralisation

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PUBLISHED : Friday, 02 November, 2012, 10:35am
UPDATED : Thursday, 23 May, 2013, 4:15pm

With its affordable re-mineraliser products, Karunia Semesta Raya (KSR) helps farms regenerate soil, increase yields and bring nutrient-dense food back to the dining table. Indonesia's re-mineraliser pioneer advocates sustainable agriculture, aquaculture and livestock.

Under the Karunia and T2 brands, KSR's re-mineraliser products replenish lost nutrients for greater yields, pest resistance and nutritional content of crops. As pond water treatment, the minerals help stimulate plankton population growth, increase dissolved oxygen and eliminate diseases. Livestock benefits from supplementation of minerals through increased feed conversion ratio and disease immunity.

"There is a solution besides chemicals," says adviser Chan Shih Mei. "We can do things sustainably while saving on cost." Karunia/T2 provides a safer environment by reducing chemical fertilisers and pesticides, forging a way for sustainable agriculture for future generations.

Sourced from KSR's rich mining deposit of natural volcanic ash, Karunia/T2 contains more than 70 minerals and trace elements for optimal plant and animal growth. Using Karunia/T2 produces healthier, better-tasting food with longer post-harvest shelf life and diminished effects of harmful agrochemicals.

Central Javanese farms using Karunia/T2 reported a 14 per cent yield increase and greater resistance to pests. A West Java rice farm increased production by 65 per cent and reduced production costs by half.

Observed to improve lean meat gain, Karunia will also be licensed as a livestock feed supplement. Jakarta farms testing Karunia reported 5 to 7 per cent heavier chickens. Pigs in East Java and Nias farms increased weight gain with less feed and substantially less ticks. A Lampung shrimp farm's harvest time dropped from 120 days to 93 days, while Java and Papua inland fish farms shortened harvest time by three weeks.

KSR will distribute Karunia/T2 throughout Asia. It welcomes collaborations for distribution and developing alternative uses for its re-mineraliser including health supplements.

"We need to make agriculture more natural again," Chan says. "We want to partner with companies that want to make a breakthrough."

Karunia Semesta Raya