Pollution awareness increasing

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 08 March, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 08 March, 1995, 12:00am

ORGANISERS of a recent environmental protection programme said students were becoming more aware of the issue as a result of continuous education.

Chan Wai-man, chief organiser of the 'Eco-morning Call' programme for 160 Primary Six students of the SKH Shiu Keung Primary School (am), said students were taking environmental protection seriously.

The half-day programme, held at the school, was aimed at enhancing students' understanding of the significance of environmental protection through various activities and encouraging them to practise it in their day to day life.

Activities included a video show, a play, games, a quiz, the painting of a tree on a large piece of cloth and paper-recycling.

Students were first shown a video on environmental protection and were then asked questions on a wide range of issues such as the different types of pollution.

'We were surprised because the students got most of the answers right. They displayed a high degree of awareness,' said Wai-man, a Form Three student of St Catharine's School for Girls, Kwun Tong.

Students were also given a chance to write their wishes about the environment on pieces of leaves and stick them on a cardboard tree.

Many showed their concern about the 'hole' in the ozone, while others expressed fears about the ultra-violet radiation from the sun, according to Wai-man.

A play focusing on the damage to the ozone layer by chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) was staged by students of the organising school.

A modification of the popular Cinderella , it showed how three brothers try to win the heart of a princess by inventing devices that would benefit the community.

The elder brothers create a hair spray and an air-conditioner, which, despite their usefulness, damage the ozone with the CFCs they release.

At the end, the younger brother who plants a lot of trees in the backyard wins the heart of the princess.

The programme, organised by the Green Society of St Catharine's School for Girls, Kwun Tong, will be held for Primary Six Students in an afternoon session in early May.