Lovable puppy needs home

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 18 March, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 18 March, 1995, 12:00am

ON Sunday, February 5, I was walking home to Fo Tan from Sha Tin when I heard a whimpering coming from a refuse bin on the pavement.

I looked inside the bin and heard a puppy's cry coming from a tightly tied plastic bag.

When I untied the plastic bag, an adorable male puppy about six weeks old emerged and quickly proceeded to follow me home.

Along the way the puppy was sick twice, but still managed to keep his wobbly, little legs moving to keep up with me.

He sat down and looked defeated when a staircase too difficult for him to climb loomed ahead.

By this time he had tugged at my heart, and I picked him up and put him in my shopping bag. I carried him the rest of the way home and immediately gave him a bath.

That night as he lovingly gazed up at me, he curled up in a drawer on the floor by my bed. Since I am here as a visiting scholar at Hong Kong Baptist University, I will be returning in June to the US; therefore, I am unable to keep the puppy.

The puppy (now known and loved by all of the adults and children he has come in contact with in my apartment complex) needs a loving and caring home.

He is very loving, playful, good-natured, and healthy (his second vaccination shot is scheduled for next week).

I would hope that in this world in which we live, that for every one person who could throw a puppy away, there would be so many more people who would feel a little tug on the heart just looking in the eyes of a helpless, harmless, and loving living creature.