Pot collectors run into trouble

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 22 March, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 22 March, 1995, 12:00am

MEMBERS of a well-known ladies' running club featuring some prominent expatriates caused a bit of a stir over the weekend.

About 40 of the group hired a sailing junk to tour the islands around Mirs Bay and run in tranquil splendour.

While exploring Kat O Island, a number of them came across discarded vegetable pots and wine jars. To use their jargon, they decided to take them home in order to 'salvage part of Hong Kong's history and tidy up the environment'.

The pots were apparently left by families who had migrated to more urban locations.

However, a Chinese gentleman dressed in a suit and sporting a large jade ring arrived at the jetty accompanied by a policeman and started accusing the ladies of taking the pots from an old building without permission - an allegation hotly denied by all concerned.

The man demanded that all the pots be returned to the island, but after a discussion with the policeman, who took the matter lightly, they were allowed to remain on the junk and are now no doubt home to a wide variety of house plants in the territory's expatriate flats.

The following day, the runners arrived at Tap Mun, another remote island brimming with similar discarded pots.

Standing on the jetty to greet the women were two policemen, presumably already alerted to the presence in the region of a pirate crew intent on pillaging ancestral relics.

After examining an inflatable boat full of the Kat O pots, the officers allowed the women to keep their haul and let them get on with an energetic run.

However, rumour has it that next time a junk full of expatriates visits the area, the pots will be lined up on the jetty and a canny local will be selling them at Hollywood Road prices. Indeed, we can recall seeing similar items on sale there for between $400 and $600.