Seagate launches new disk drive

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 04 April, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 04 April, 1995, 12:00am

SEAGATE has announced a new high-capacity 2.5-inch disk drive aimed at notebook and mobile computer users which is capable of meeting the demands of emerging portable multimedia applications.

The new Marathon 810 is an 810-megabyte glass-media disk drive that features a fast ATA-2 interface supporting of transfer rates of up to 16.6 MBps. Its 4,500 revolutions per minute rotational speed reduces latency to a mere 6.67 milliseconds.

The Marathon 810 incorporates some of today's most advanced disk drive technology. The glass-based media provides a flatter disk surface than conventional aluminum-based disks, enabling higher arial densities. Glass also improves shock resistance by as much as 20 per cent, making the Marathon 810 capable of withstanding up to 250 Gs of non-operating shock.

PRML (partial-response, maximum-likelihood) read channel technology is also incorporated into the Marathon 810. PRML allows for greater bit densities with no significant increase in power requirements, enabling the drive to maintain one of the lowest levels of power consumption in the industry.

According to Dataquest, the 810 MB capacity drive is fast becoming the high-end platform for the 2.5-inch form factor drive market.

'As work behaviours shift into more mobile settings and users recognise a greater demand for portable computing power, Seagate's Marathon 810 will provide the right storage solution for high-end users,' said Joel Stead, Seagate's vice president of Asia Pacific sales and marketing.

One of the first customers for Seagate's new Marathon drive will be the Taiwanese notebook giant, Acer.

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