Police visit home of Chongqing sex tape whistle-blower

PUBLISHED : Monday, 28 January, 2013, 10:33am
UPDATED : Monday, 28 January, 2013, 6:26pm

Zhu Ruifeng, the whistle-blower in the Chongqing sex tape scandal, said on his weibo on Sunday that police had harassed him at his Beijing home and that he feared for his safety.

Zhu's release two months ago of compromising video clips of Chongqing district-level party boss, Lei Zhengfu, resulted in a scandal involving sex tapes, blackmail and lucrative government contracts, and led to the sacking of 11 officials.

“More officials involved in the scandal have gotten away,” Zhu said in an interview last week after Chongqing government sacked 10 officials. “But we have the internet as our weapon, and we will continue our investigation.”

On Sunday, Zhu said on weibo that police officers were knocking on the door of his Beijing apartment.

“The five police officers are still here,” he wrote at 7pm on Sunday. “I said, ‘you are most likely Chongqing police. I am willing to sit in Lei Zhengfus’ jail. I have made preparations. But I am a Beijing resident, so please ask my district officer Zhao Yang to contact me. Otherwise, I won’t leave, even if you break my door down’.”

Zhu then asked netizens on weibo to help spread his message. 

Early on Monday morning, Zhu posted another statement in which he appointed a number of respected and outspoken scholars, reporters and lawyers to represent him if he is arrested.

“If I am arrested by the Chongqing police and lose my personal freedom, I will exercise my right to remain silent to protest against their illegal practices,” he wrote.

“If the police release statements signed by me, these will have been gained by use of torture,” he added.

The three Chinese characters of Zhu Ruifeng’s name had been censored on weibo on Monday. A search for his name results in a message that reads: “The search results are not displayed according to relevant laws and policies.”

Wang Keqin, an editor at the Economic Observer newspaper and Zhu's appointed spokesperson, said on his weibo at 10.30am on Monday that Zhu had just finished signing paperwork with four lawyers who would then escort him to the police station in De Wai precinct in Beijing.