Russians offer hi-tech courses

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 04 May, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 04 May, 1995, 12:00am

RUSSIAN tertiary institutes offering a range of hi-tech degree courses hope to attract Asian students at the postgraduate fair.

An 18-member delegation from Russia's leading tertiary institutes will visit the fair to inform students about the range of courses.

While Britain remained the most popular place for Hong Kong students pursuing overseas postgraduate studies, Russian institutes are hoping to cash in on local demand for courses.

Many Russian courses, in fields such as astro-physics and chemical technology, had never been offered to Hong Kong students, said Tony Martin, of Nexus Media, the fair organiser.

'The fair is the ideal place for Russians to promote their hi-tech courses and inform locals about student life in the country,' he said.

'There are many advantages of Russian degrees for Hong Kong students and members of the delegation will provide details on costs and course fees.

'Many eastern European countries can offer courses cheaper than European institutes and that is attractive to Hong Kong students.

'Some of the Russian courses are not available anywhere else. Studying in Russia will also offer Hong Kong students the chance to experience a different way of life.' The Russian team, from 11 institutes including the prestigious Moscow State University of Aviation Technology, will distribute pamphlets in English.

However, as the delegation was a late addition to the fair, information about Russia's postgraduate courses were not included in a pamphlet printed by Nexus.

The leaflet, which will be available at all of the booths at the fair, has details of the other 48 institutes taking part.

Four members of the Russian Federation of State Committee for Higher Education, headed by chairman Vladimir Kinelev, will be available to give students information on the country's education structure.

Mr Kinelev will give a lecture on the Russian education system on Saturday at 12.30 pm in room 405 as part of the fair seminar programme.

He will speak on postgraduate courses available in Moscow and other parts of the country, costing, prerequisites and application procedures.

Advantages of holding a Russian doctorate, postgraduate diploma, certificate of masters degree will be spelled out.

'It is important that people know how a country's education system works before embarking on a postgraduate degree course overseas,' Mr Martin said.

'Although the Russian delegation is a late addition to the fair, it is important they attend to give students viable postgraduate course alternatives.'