Money-orientated policing

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 13 May, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 13 May, 1995, 12:00am

I fully sympathise with Mona Brown's letter which appeared in these columns on May 9, regarding the injustice of some police actions.

My exact same feelings were propelled further after I received a $320 parking fine after finishing work late last Saturday afternoon.

I would have fully understood if I had parked a car in the middle of Gloucester Road, but instead I had innocently parked a motorbike 10cm outside the Central Star Ferry motorbike park zone, which one would not notice unless viewed closely. I was forced to park here after being unable to find spaces at three other parking zones, and I was running late for work (a familiar scenario, for many readers, I'm sure).

Words can't describe how disappointed and to a larger extent, annoyed I was to find the ticket and to anyone who saw me that Saturday evening leaving the parking zone, this would have been very obvious.

Mona, I totally understand just how you felt after your innocent actions led to a totally undeserved and unprovoked penalty.

It seems to me that policing in such a way suggest a money-orientated technique or just plain ignorance, either of which aren't acceptable especially in a high-stress city such as Hong Kong. I just hope my voice can be heard where it matters and I am sure I speak on behalf of many Hong Kong citizens, when I say, 'Give us a break'.

JAMIE PRICE Clearwater Bay




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