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Revolutionary tether management system uplifts offshore operations

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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 05 March, 2013, 12:00pm
UPDATED : Friday, 24 May, 2013, 5:15pm

When million-dollar investments are literally on the line, BMS Davinci makes sure offshore operations enjoy smooth sailing with its electrical and hydraulic lifting solutions.

BMS Davinci is a member of the BMS group in Bryne. Its Bryne winch has been the basis for BMS Davinci's wide range of winches since 1989 and remains popular in marine construction.

"Having to stop offshore production due to faulty equipment is very costly for companies," says general manager Einar Jan Ronæs. "This is why the stability, quality and reliability of winches, marine equipment and subsea products have to be very high."

Recognising subsea remotely operated vehicles (ROV) operations as a challenging sector, BMS Davinci decided to enter this market with its tether management system (TMS). The company has invested time and money into testing its TMS and planning its market launch by the end of this year.

Being a small, innovative niche company with years of field experience and expertise allows BMS Davinci to specialise in fit-for-purpose lifting systems. The company has thousands of standard winches that are able to lift one to 12 tonnes and pull or secure cargo weighing one to 30 tonnes. Its winches are used in cranes, davits for survival crafts and deck operations around the world.

BMS Davinci's umbilical winches meet the challenges of the subsea sector as one of the industry's fastest-growing markets. Designed to operate under arctic and other harsh conditions, the umbilical winches are often operated via radio or frequency remote control.

The company plans to continue developing its TMS and umbilical subsea winches with prototyping and production partners. The company also welcomes distribution partnerships from the mainland where it has winches in place.

BMS Davinci is likewise keen on exploring partnerships with clients.

"We know the Chinese and Asian market in general will benefit from our high-quality products if we find a reliable and long-term partner," Ronæs says.

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