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Mustad Longline swims above tides of innovation

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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 05 March, 2013, 4:43pm
UPDATED : Friday, 24 May, 2013, 5:13pm

Mustad Longline has always risen above the tides of innovation. As global demand in the industrial fishing sector increases, the company continues to create more efficient and productive ways of catching fish.

"We took a long shot at technology to build a machine that nobody has ever seen or done. We innovated the way of fishing with hook and line," says Christian Engh, president and CEO of Mustad Longline.

With more than 100 years of history in the fish hook business, Mustad Longline has become a household name in the fishing world. The company changed the fishing environment when it introduced Autoline 35 years ago. Autoline offered an alternative to trawling, which is a common fishing process that affects the natural seabed and fish quality.

Autoline enables fisheries to use the traditional way of using bait, hook and lines but in an automated, more efficient and economical way. International research and certification bodies consider longline fishing as more sustainable.

Continuing developments in the company's technology allow it to serve fisheries sized 12 metres and above. The SelectFish platform is increasing the catch ratios up to 100 per cent. The innovation, which uses monofilament gear material to set up lines in all levels of the sea, serves a broader geographical market.

"Markets are opening up in parts of the world where Mustad has previously only sold fish hooks. Being a household name for four generations gives our brand and technology great advantage. Mustad represents trust, craftsmanship and long-term commitment," Engh says.

Sharing its knowledge with fishing nations, Mustad Longline presented best practice techniques to the Japanese government to revive the country's fishing industry in the aftermath of the tsunami in 2011.

Mustad Longline is strengthening government relations and is building a distribution and agent network in Asia.

"We are starting to understand the Asian market. We're building on our present local expertise," Engh says.

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