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Trollhetta offers tools to detect subsea abnormalities

Norway Country Report

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 05 March, 2013, 5:02pm
UPDATED : Friday, 24 May, 2013, 5:13pm

The oil and gas industry is beset with challenges. Oil service companies constantly look for solutions that address subsea leakage detection, surveillance and evaluation issues.

With heightened awareness for safety and environmental protection, Trollhetta combines human experience and technology to solve these industry challenges. An expert in image analysis, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence, Trollhetta offers tools to detect abnormalities in subsea operations.

"Technology is our speciality. Customising solutions for safety, surveillance and monitoring problems is our strength," says Dr Ketil Bo, president of Trollhetta.

Among Trollhetta's reliable and cost-efficient tools is the TrollEye framework used in automatic, video-based surveillance and monitoring systems. It combines video detection with fire or movement sensors to create sensor networks in applications such as oil and gas leak detection, fish farming and traffic monitoring and intruder detection.

DynamicImager interprets images taken by surveillance cameras into relevant information, allowing systems to respond automatically and accordingly. TrollBrain is used to make artificial intelligence solutions.

"Our tools gather images, seek patterns and give detailed analyses of a situation. We combine image processing, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence into one technology. It is flexible and precision increases as you use it," Bo says.

Trollhetta works with leading oil service provider Proserv in developing analysis software for the company's underwater camera, SeaHawk, used in subsea leak detection activities. It is also working with Kongsberg on an offshore windmill project.

The company is collaborating closely with universities, oil service companies and researchers to solve issues related to safety and environmental monitoring. Trollhetta discusses safety trends in oil and gas exploration with international oil service companies. Trollhetta also supervises students in image analysis, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence.

"We want to connect with a company that has a foothold in the Chinese oil and gas industry. We're interested in working with a company regarding safety and environmental monitoring," Bo says.