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Flexible living quarters improve life at sea

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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 05 March, 2013, 5:13pm
UPDATED : Friday, 24 May, 2013, 5:10pm

A seaman's cabin is his home away from home. With more than 30 years on rigs and platforms in the North Sea, Flexmodul has been raising the quality of life in the maritime and offshore industries. The company builds and refurbishes living quarters (LQ) that are independent of location or transport requirements.

"As our name says, we are very flexible," says general manager Harald Larsen. "We can build all over the world with our Flexmodul system."

Built in steel or aluminium, Flexmodul's complete modules are 30 per cent lighter than other building systems. Quick to complete and cost efficient, each module is comprised of 80 per cent standardised components, making it easy to change, replace or expand.

Flexmodul is owned by engineering company Markhus and interior outfitting company Carpin. It co-operates with shipyards to fulfil engineering, procurement, construction and installation contracts according to Norsok standards.

"Flexmodul eliminates the need for expensive analyses and strength calculations, because of modular standardisation," Larsen says.

In building LQs for oil and gas giants, such as Statoil, BP and ConocoPhillips, Flexmodul pushes the boundaries of maritime construction. Its LB 4000 project for Exmar Offshore set a world record with five levels of offices, utilities and housing for 102 people completed in 17 weeks. Flexmodul also delivered modules and interiors for one of the world's largest accommodation rigs, Haven, operating in the North Sea for ConocoPhillips.

Flexmodul's regional office in Singapore reflects its openness to work with Asian partners able to meet Norsok standards. Flexmodul looks to form joint ventures with Singaporean companies that have warehousing, crane capacity and yard facilities to help it source piping, electrical and steel.

Flexmodul's Asian footprint also covers the mainland, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and India. The company is exploring opportunities in Thailand and is searching for a site to establish its own workshop in the region.