Xinhua News Agency

Paper lashes out at nepotism in party

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 07 June, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 07 June, 1995, 12:00am

THE Communist Party's mouthpiece hit out yesterday at nepotism in the ranks and called for an independent system to select cadres.

The People's Daily article coincided with a seminar on Monday held by the Organisation Department of the Central Committee, Ministry of Personnel and the State Education Commission, at which Vice-Premier Li Lanqing urged 100 university graduates to sacrifice their personal comfort for the country to work in Tibet.

According to Xinhua, the 100 graduates who came from institutes such as Beijing University, China Politics and Law University, Institute of Diplomacy and Tianjin Commercial College will spend their next three years in Tibet.

The Vice-Premier, Xinhua said, urged the graduates to take the opportunity to develop their training so that they could become the party's future torch-bearers.

By working in a difficult environment like Tibet, Mr Li said, the graduates could mature and develop a proper 'perspective on life and a value system'.

The lack of a correct value system was a key factor behind nepotism in the party, the article said.

Although nepotism was restricted to only a small number of cadres, the article said it was a 'very bad influence and could be very damaging'.

It said nepotism existed because cadre management was fundamentally flawed.

It said there were no checks and balances because power was vested in the hands of a few individuals, with no supervision. These people often made decisions based on personal interest and paid little attention to other people's opinions.

Cadres earned promotion by flattery instead of their ability or qualifications.

Selection procedures or standards were often ignored and many promotions were decided 'arbitrarily', it said.