Switzerland Country Report 2013

Carl F. Bucherer unveils milestone timepieces

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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 03 April, 2013, 7:42pm
UPDATED : Friday, 24 May, 2013, 4:55pm

Allure that transcends luxury and innovation that breaks the "Swiss watch mould", while preserving more than a century's craft. Watch connoisseurs may have countless more ways to differentiate the charm of a Carl F. Bucherer timepiece, but one is certain: It is the brand of elegance worn by the independent thinker.

"A Carl F. Bucherer watch may not be the first timepiece that you own, but we ensure that it will add value beyond its price to your collection," says CEO Sascha Moeri. "Every piece is a slice of Swiss history, perfected since 1888 by one of the few remaining independent, family-owned luxury watch brands."

Just as how visionary founder Carl Friedrich Bucherer cultivated an individualistic business approach that gave rise to a brand whose authenticity and sophistication stand out, the company continues to raise the bar in the watchmaking industry. Marking its 125th anniversary this year is a series of milestones - and at the heart of it is Carl F. Bucherer's growing base of discerning customers.

The first milestone is the introduction of fresh masterpieces to its four existing product lines. Among these is a second line of ladies' watches that will complement Carl F. Bucherer's Alacria range, which uses different jewels to accentuate the beauty of the watch mechanism and carries an eccentric design. Another is a diver's watch, which will add functional variety to the modern Patravi line.

Completing Carl F. Bucherer's releases are timepieces that will use tourbillion mechanisms - a complex feature that will make every Carl F. Bucherer watch aficionado's heart leap and increase their exclusivity. The company's unrelenting pursuit of aesthetic marvels and innovations is backed by its roots in jewellery making and ability to produce its own movements through Carl F. Bucherer Technologies.

"To be successful in this industry, you need tradition and heritage combined with passion and authenticity," Moeri says.

"Carl F. Bucherer is bound by tradition and driven by innovation."

This is why Carl F. Bucherer has chosen an assertive yet calculated approach in expanding its markets, which have steadily grown to 30 countries since the company first ventured out of Switzerland. Asian customers, in particular, have been important in the company's phenomenal growth in the last two years, wherein the company reported record-breaking sales and long product waitlists.

Addressing the region's growing demand, the company will set up additional boutiques, including three on the mainland, where Bao Qi Lai - Carl F. Bucherer's Chinese name - is among the top-10 watch brands. China has surpassed the United States in terms of luxury watch demand since 2011, according to the WorldWatchReport published by Digital Luxury Group, and Carl F. Bucherer is ready for the surge.

The company collaborates with a network of partner distributors such as watch retailer Xinyu Hengdeli, Emperor Watch & Jewellery, and Harmony on the mainland or Prince Jewellery & Watch and Oriental Watch in Hong Kong. Carl F. Bucherer also works with independent watch retailers in Macau, Tokyo, Bangkok and Dubai.

"We recognise our Asian customers' highly evolved taste and their need for trustworthy retailers," Moeri says. "Our own regard for loyalty, trust and long-term relationships - be it for customers, suppliers and partners - guarantees our commitment."

This promise includes raising the company's production capacity greatly from the present 20,000 pieces. Carl F. Bucherer also eyes new markets and plans to increase its points-of-sale from 350 to 500 in coming years.

"We have a clear roadmap to 2020, and we believe Carl F. Bucherer will continue to make history," Moeri says. "It continues with this year becoming the company's best so far - for us and our customers worldwide."

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