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Habtec links environment and viable enterprise

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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 03 April, 2013, 9:17pm
UPDATED : Friday, 24 May, 2013, 4:29pm

Rich in natural resources, Brazil has its own challenges that companies planning to do business there need to address. Environmental laws demand permits and licences that must be obtained prior to operations, as part of the enterprise implementation planning.

Habtec Engenharia Ambiental builds bridges between businesses and Brazil's environmental agencies. "Habtec offers its clients science and technology in order to give man, in his habitat, a high quality of life," says executive director Guaraci Sathler. "We offer viability of enterprise without sacrificing environmental protection."

Oil, gas, energy, mining and industrial companies turn to Habtec for environmental assessments and compliance consultancy. Armed with an extensive network and the right approach for environmental agencies, Habtec can help its clients expedite the processing of all necessary licences.

"If you don't have the licences in an appropriate time frame, you postpone the project and incur more costs," Sathler says.

Also essential to obtaining permits are a client's public relations and contact with affected communities.

Habtec is able to ease these relations for clients, thanks to 22 years of experience working throughout Brazil. Much of this expertise stems from more than 30 years Sathler spent in the field, which he has effectively transmitted to Habtec's technical staff.

As a pioneer and innovator, Habtec is also able to support clients after basic project planning in terms of monitoring, controlling and implementing compensation measures.

Habtec likewise specialises in environmental studies that comply with Equator Principles, which are used by financial companies to evaluate and manage environmental risks. Using these principles, Habtec provides consultancy services to companies looking to fund potential high-impact construction projects.

Habtec remains open to advising similar companies as it strengthens its leadership in global environmental engineering.

"Considering the opportunities for growth in Brazil's economy, I believe Habtec can implement its traditions for environmental protection even outside of Brazil," Sathler says.


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