Switzerland Country Report 2013

Gerber sets accuracy benchmark in watches and cutting tools

PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 April, 2013, 4:16pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 20 June, 2018, 5:00pm

Its track record for supplying to the Swiss watch industry since 1955 speaks volumes about family-owned Gerber Maschinenbau's capabilities as a precision machine tools manufacturer. Working with Rolex and other luxury watch brands, Gerber has developed intricate tooling techniques that ushered its forays into other industries including the vehicle and medical sectors.

Gerber manufactures brushing and face polishing machines, brushing-deburring machines for precision parts and thickness grading apparatuses. It pioneered the technique of brush honing

ultra-hard materials such as sapphires, rubies, ceramics, nitrides and tungsten carbide, to create the small radiuses and good surfaces required for watch parts and cutting tools. With the launch of its machine for deburring rotary parts, BS-ROTO last year, Gerber once again sets the industry benchmark for accuracy.

"We strive to make the best solutions imaginable. We think of long-term solutions to deliver the best value for our clients," says Stefan Gerber, president and CEO.

Its early entry into international markets allowed Gerber to build a global client base through its dealer network. Aside from the watch industry, Gerber also caters to companies in the cutting tools and medical industries. Cutting toolmakers make up 80 per cent of Gerber's customers on the mainland and in Asia.

Gerber is renowned for quality and durability. Some of its clients in the watch industry still use Gerber machines that are 40 or even 50 years old.

Education is a big part of Gerber's corporate culture. Aside from training its employees intensively, Gerber educates its dealers and clients about the latest applications for its machines. Its monthly e-mail updates keep dealers informed about machines that their customers could find beneficial.

Gerber determines the appropriate solutions for clients through collaboration. Gerber's small size enables the company to be flexible to accommodate client requirements.

"The market always comes up with new demands and it is important for us to keep up," Gerber says.


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