Tackle real problems

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 15 June, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 15 June, 1995, 12:00am

I HOPE Wellcome and Park'N Shop will ignore M. T. Edwards' demand (South China Morning Post, June 12) that they only issue bags with handles in alternate months. Before others join the ban-the-handled-plastic-bag campaign, would an environmentally-correct reader please tell me how to dispose of household refuse? For me, handled supermarket bags are ideal, free bin-liners for my kitchen's rubbish bin. When the bag is full, handles knotted, I can throw the rubbish safely and hygienically into a communal collection point. Using one or more bags a day, I often find myself short, and gratefully pick up spares at the supermarket.

What do the environmentally-correct do? If they do not line their bins, how do they minimise health risks for themselves and their garbage-collectors? Do they throw loose rubbish down rubbish chutes? If they use special black bin-liners, are they negating the purpose of their plastic-bag-banning enthusiasm? Perhaps I am unaware of an environmentally-correct development. Is there a biodegradable, water-proof bin-liner on the market? Or are there washable, re-usable non-plastic bags? If so, could a handled-plastic-bag-banner please advise. If not, could we please tackle real supermarket problems: inflation, inadequate brand choice and competition, and the low wages of supermarket workers.