A slow taxi to take-off in 1998

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 01 July, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 01 July, 1995, 12:00am

OCTOBER 11, 1989: Governor Sir David Wilson announces a plan to build a new airport at Chek Lap Kok. OCTOBER 15, 1990: Experts from China and Britain begin marathon talks in an effort to secure endorsement of the mammoth project. SEPTEMBER 3, 1991: The Memorandum of Understanding is signed by the British and Chinese governments, giving firm support to the airport and its associated railway. Britain agrees to leave reserves of at least $25 billion for the post-1997 government and consult China if the debt incurred by the airport project exceeds $5 billion. Britain also agrees to consult China on franchises straddling 1997. APRIL 3, 1992: Britain submits its first financing package to China. SEPTEMBER 1992: Britain submits its second financing package to China. JUNE 1993: Britain submits its third financing package to China. JANUARY 3, 1994: The Government publishes the White Bill on the Airport Corporation.

FEBRUARY 1994: Britain submits its fourth financing package to China. NOVEMBER 4, 1994: The Airport Committee of the Sino-British Joint Liaison Group signs an agreed minute on the financing of the new airport and its railway. NOVEMBER 17, 1994: The Sino-British Land Commission agrees on the granting of the land required for the new airport. JANUARY 28, THIS YEAR: $10.1 billion contract for the passenger terminal building awarded. MAY 24: The Government introduces the Airport Authority Bill to the Legislative Council. JUNE 30: The Airport Committee of the Joint Liaison Group agrees on the terms of the Financial Support Agreement for the Airport Authority and the air cargo franchises.