Database on Chinese medicine

PUBLISHED : Friday, 14 July, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 14 July, 1995, 12:00am

THOUSANDS of Chinese medical practitioners have been urged to submit their names, ages, qualifications and other details for enrolment on a territory-wide database.

The Preparatory Committee on Chinese Medicine announced yesterday it had drawn up enrolment forms as the first step to registering the 4,000 to 10,000 Chinese medical practitioners.

Committee secretary Beatrice Leung Yuen Kit-ming said the data would be analysed and recommendations on registration would be put to the Government.

'This will enhance their status, so it's for their own benefit to enrol,' Ms Leung said.

However, practitioners who enrolled would not gain automatic registration while those who failed to enrol now would not be barred from registration.

Meanwhile the working group on Chinese medicine, reported it had begun a reassessment of 51 herbs deemed 'potent'.

'They are now doing research and information-gathering to redefine these and make it more clear,' Ms Leung said.

The group had also begun a survey on the manufacture, distribution and sale of Chinese medicines in Hong Kong as a prelude to drawing up regulations.

Members of the Health and Welfare Branch, the Hospital Authority and the Health Department have visited Shanghai and Beijing to study mainland controls on Chinese medicine.