China dissident detained

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 18 July, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 18 July, 1995, 12:00am

BEIJING has issued an internal circular asking officials and state businessmen to raise their guard against 'new Harry Wus'.

Yesterday, Chinese sources said the document was jointly issued by the Ministry of State Security and the State Bureau of Secrets.

The circular, which was disseminated to mid-ranking cadres or above, pointed out that 'hostile foreign forces' had stepped up their campaign of infiltration.

It said that one form of infiltration was to steal state secrets, which included party documents as well as classified military and commercial information.

'Officials and state businessmen of all levels must heighten their vigilance against foreign spies, their Chinese agents and other collaborators,' the circular reportedly said.

It made a brief reference to Harry Wu Hongda, the Chinese-American human rights activist who is under detention for alleged espionage.

'Wu Hongda has been caught by our vigilant law-enforcement officials,' the document said. 'But we must beware of new Wu Hongdas.' The Ministry of State Security and the State Bureau of Secrets, which are in charge of counter-espionage and the plugging of the leakage of classified material, asked officials to be more circumspect in their daily interactions with foreigners. Cadres and businessmen were particularly warned against taking bribes and other economic inducements.

The document said instructions had been sent to Customs and border checkpoints nationwide asking them to be more effective in preventing foreigners and Chinese from taking state secrets out of the country.

In internal party meetings, senior cadres have repeatedly cautioned that in view of the uncertain health of patriarch Deng Xiaoping, 'hostile foreign forces' led by Washington would boost their efforts to turn China into a 'vassal of capitalism' through the process of peaceful evolution.