Lee 'betrayed Chinese'

PUBLISHED : Monday, 24 July, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 24 July, 1995, 12:00am

BEIJING has stepped up its attacks on Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui, saying he has betrayed the Chinese and will be condemned as 'a sinner of a thousand millennia'.

In a joint commentary by the People's Daily and Xinhua (the New China News Agency) published today, the United States was also blasted for having 'supported' the Taiwanese President to more openly preach his 'two Chinas' or 'one China, one Taiwan' policy.

Commenting on Mr Lee's speech at his alma mater, Cornell University, in the US last month, the article said the Chinese were 'determined never to allow Taiwan independence in any form to succeed'.

It warned that Mr Lee would be 'utterly discredited and condemned as a sinner of a thousand millennia' should he continue to pursue his separatist cause, which was a 'dangerous road in defiance of the people's will'.

Describing Mr Lee's Cornell speech as 'a self-vindication of advocacy for splitting the motherland', it said the President was working for 'false reunification and true independence'.

It quoted Mr Lee as privately telling pro-independence activists in Taiwan: 'Reunification is something in words. At heart, I share the same views with you.' The commentary also condemned the visit as 'a farce of 'alumni diplomacy'.' 'This is the first time for [Mr Lee] to have displayed such nakedness and openness in preaching the separation of the motherland by taking advantage of the forum provided by foreigners,' it said.

By trying to win US support for his independence cause, the commentary said, Mr Lee had driven a wedge into Sino-US relations and turned himself into a willing card of the US.

'In the US, there is indeed a group of people who always follow a policy of opposing and splitting China.

'They overtly or covertly support the splittist activities by Lee . . . attempting to turn Taiwan into an 'unsinkable aircraft carrier' against China,' the commentary said.