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Desma steps into footwear manufacturers' shoes

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PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 July, 2013, 8:14pm
UPDATED : Friday, 05 July, 2013, 8:14pm

Changing fashion trends, expanding populations and increased consumer purchasing power in emerging markets have steadily fostered growth in the global footwear market. As the industry expands, shoemakers worldwide encounter challenges in managing large production volumes along with deviations in leather quality and variations in textile products.

Adapting smart solutions and automated processes to address these challenges, Desma is forging the future of the footwear industry through its range of hi-tech machines and automation solutions used in shoe production.

"You need clever solutions to overcome production and quality issues such as leather thickness or shoe sole characteristics," says Desma managing director Christian Decker. "If you do everything by hand, you can compensate for all inconsistencies. We want to make that process more efficient by creating machines that are self-adaptable and sustainable."

Desma's range of soling and moulding machines, robotics and automated solutions provide footwear manufacturers - from traditional shoemakers to mass producers - the leverage for economic success. For example, Desma's direct injection machine developed in Germany bonds the sole to the shoe upper automatically, saving on materials such as adhesive and labour costs.

"Our machines are our customers' long-term partners. Footwear producers looking for reliable production and a secure asset invest in our technology," Decker says. "We are competitively priced but we want to be the best."

Serving the footwear industry for more than 65 years, Desma equipment is used to bond the soles of the world's largest athletic footwear brands. With the company's acute market sense and expertise in shoe production engineering, Desma has flourished worldwide. Its sales and services team, based in Guangzhou, has also cemented its foothold in Asia.

"China is our main market in the region," Decker says. "Chinese brands are rising. Indonesia is an important market, too, together with the rest of Southeast Asia. We aim to expand the use of our hi-tech solutions in these areas."