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Marabu inks imprint quality on regional industries

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PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 July, 2013, 8:34pm
UPDATED : Friday, 05 July, 2013, 8:34pm

Market demand for hi-tech communication gadgets has triggered the growth of the specialty printing inks market. Marabu, one of the leading manufacturers of industry-proven screen inks, has taken great advantage of this in China, where most of the high-end manufacturing activities are taking place.

Renowned for its pioneering technology in ultraviolet-curable and solvent-based inks for screen, digital and pad printing, German engineering company Marabu brings its 153-year printing expertise to manufacturers on the mainland and in Asia.

"We focus on upcoming markets where there is a high demand for technical development," says Marabu CEO York Boeder.

Friedrich Goldner, director of new business development, adds that Marabu has an excellent distributor network in Asia. "We supply superb products backed by print expertise. That's why we have technical centres in Shanghai and Singapore supporting our distributors and customers," Goldner says.

Developing high-quality, low-emission standardised and customised inks for industrial applications, Marabu's latest ultraviolet-curable ink series Ultraglass UVGL for glass printing has accelerated production times, increasing output and efficiency.

Aside from the computing, communication and consumer electronics industry, Marabu supports automotive, packaging containers and labels, and toy and textile manufacturers by providing inks with high optical density, heat and chemical-resistance necessary in technical printing processes. Its tagless ink technology used by leading clothing manufacturers in garment printing is certified by OEKO-TEX - a global authority in textile product health and safety testing.

Goldner says Marabu has established technical application centres in Asia, including a location in Singapore and on the mainland, as it collaborates with IT and communications industry giants Samsung, Apple, LG and others. Its long-term partnership with distributor

Ever Bright Printing Machine Factory, the mainland's largest manufacturer for special printing equipment, supports the company's expansion plans.

"We are moving into markets where there is high demand for automation and high-quality products," Boeder says. "China is and will remain one of our most important markets."


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