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Expotechnik takes 3D brand staging to seamless execution

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PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 July, 2013, 8:39pm
UPDATED : Friday, 05 July, 2013, 8:39pm

A successful exhibit consistently conveys the values, ideals and intent of a brand. Exhibits, events and environments are powerful three-dimensional experiences that communicate the brand message to the consumer in order to effectively influence their buying choices.

"You have to engage people through the communication concept and architecture," says Alexander Soschinski, group president of Expotechnik International. "It's much more than you needed to do in the past to invite clients. In the new economy, it is no longer the product itself that attracts consumers, but an understanding that the company's aspirations align with theirs."

Expotechnik is an agency that captures the essence of a brand, and effectively creates an astute and expertly designed exhibit programme that is recognisable and understood across global markets. Expotechnik has nine subsidiaries reaching across Europe, Asia and the Americas, allowing clients to clearly communicate their brand identity anywhere in the world. It provides customers with the complete exhibit package, which includes design, marketing, production and logistics.

Expotechnik is known for its innovative, modular architectural products, which are developed and tested at its research and design firm in Switzerland. The company has designed and tailored its array of furniture, wall and ceiling structures for 45 years to provide modular solutions that allow clients to maintain brand identity, while keeping their design current and fresh. Expotechnik delivers high-quality brand identity at a lower price by offering turnkey solutions to its customers.

Expotechnik is looking forward to providing its special exhibit solutions to companies across Asia, allowing them to break into the global market with a strong identity and a high-quality presence.

"We are from a very creative end and want to help companies pursue more successful 3D concepts in the Asia-Pacific region with our global knowledge and experience," Soschinski says. "This is where I want to bring our value from Europe over to Asia."