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Innovative threads to fasten Amann's success in Asia

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PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 July, 2013, 9:58pm
UPDATED : Friday, 05 July, 2013, 9:58pm

Thread applications are evolving, branching out from traditional uses in apparel to more complex technical and industrial uses. Envisioning its high-performance threads as an enabler of innovation, Amann Group has been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of thread use in different industries.

Amann engineers threads that encourage clients to develop breakthroughs in their respective sectors. In the aircraft or automotive industry, for example, it works with manufacturers to reduce the weight of aeroplane or car components by using Amann threads. Lower weight translates to lower carbon emissions.

Investing heavily in research and development (R&D), Amann develops revolutionary products such as Xtreme-tech with Dyneema - a lightweight sewing thread 15 times stronger than steel that could be used, for example, in securing oil rigs. A winner in the 2011 Texprocess Innovation Awards, Xtreme-tech with Dyneema is a water-resistant and weather-proof thread. Amann also engineers a variety of products such as elastic, transparent and even recycled threads.

"We focus our R&D efforts wherever our strengths are needed, mostly for special technical or outdoor applications," says Amann Group CEO Bodo Bölzle.

Amann has four divisions catering to different product segments - apparel, consumer, technical and automotive. It is vigilant in meeting the precise technical specifications of products consistently and delivering on time. Amann's adherence to these stringent measures has earned it the support of companies worldwide.

Amann supplies high-performance threads to clients in different industries across 100 countries. In Europe, Amann is the market leader for high-quality embroidery and industrial sewing threads. It delegates support staff in Europe and other key markets, such as China, India and Bangladesh, to ensure quick turnaround time. Amann also trains technical and sales personnel constantly to ensure that they are equipped with the proper knowledge to provide the right solutions.

When textile demand from Asia started outweighing Europe's, Amann established two factories on the mainland to supply the region. With the mainland forecast to surpass the combined car sales of the United States, Japan and Germany by 2015, the vehicle market on the mainland holds the greatest growth potential for Amann.

Anticipating further demand in the region, Amann set up a joint venture with Bangladeshi company Standard Group to form Amann Bangladesh. Under the joint venture, Amann constructed a new factory in Bangladesh slated for opening in July. This localisation strategy enables the company to supply to customers in the area faster.

The factories in Asia implement the same production standards as those in Germany, Britain, Romania and the Czech Republic. Following optimum operational processes, all of Amann's factories generate 1 million kilometres of thread daily, making the company among the international front-runners in thread production.

Amann aims to replicate its European success in the Asian market. It is open to partnerships with companies that understand its steadfast commitment to quality.

"Asia is our central focus," Bölzle says. "Being close partners with Asian customers, we have shown and will always show the same loyalty we have with our European customers. Everybody knows Amann in Europe and I envision we will reach that phase in Asia also. If somebody is talking about threads, they will remember Amann."


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