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Loewe smart entertainment systems woo Asia with class

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PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 July, 2013, 10:11pm
UPDATED : Friday, 05 July, 2013, 10:11pm

Known for minimalist design and meaningful innovation, Loewe is not just a leading name among television brands. Television, as we know it, was invented by Loewe. Since introducing the first electronic film transmission more than 80 years ago, the award-winning German company has dominated the luxury consumer electronics market with state-of-the-art products that stir the senses.

"Loewe has consistently built a lot of know-how and expertise in many segments over many years," says Dr Detlef Teichner, chief technology officer and executive board member.

Embraced by generations of discerning consumers, Loewe has created an industry niche since its establishment in 1923, focusing on key principles that include ease of use, individuality, quality and aesthetics. Its top-of-the-line products include the tailor-made Individual, a home entertainment system with more than a million design options. Another is the Reference ID LCD that won the coveted iF Gold Award. Delivering superior sharpness and audio, it features an elegant customisable screen and an application that makes operation a breeze.

Building on its massive European success, Loewe is strengthening its presence in the Asia-Pacific region. Last year, it founded Loewe Asia Holding in Hong Kong and Loewe Technology Shenzhen, a subsidiary and research and development centre. Through these facilities, Loewe aims to be closer to the market and harness its local networks to optimise its supply chain. It is driving the market evolution by engaging with dealers and customers through galleries in Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney.

"We are bringing great technology and design to these markets," Teichner says. "We do this with emphasis on local adaptation."

Partnerships with the best design houses worldwide have given Loewe its edge in craftsmanship and innovation. It is pursuing this approach in seeking more partners and clients, especially in Asia.

"We're proud of our reputation of providing high-end smart entertainment products," Teichner says. "In Asia, we've built strong capabilities to ensure our products also reflect local values, demand and design."


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