It's time for a brain wave

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 13 August, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 13 August, 1995, 12:00am

The Lost Mind of Dr Brain for Macintosh CD-Rom DO you want to test whether your mind is in good working condition? Well, we suggest you try out this new, brain-teasing puzzle game, The Lost Mind Of Dr Brain, created by Sierra On-Line.

Filled with a host of challenging puzzles and wild humour, this multimedia CD-ROM was especially designed for puzzle lovers over 12.

The Lost Mind Of Dr Brain is the third in the Dr Brain series.

This time, crazy Dr Brain has once again been experimenting in his laboratory and has discovered a way to transfer intelligence from one creature to another.

After experimenting with Rathbone, his faithful lab rat, and a bee, Dr Brain, like any other mad scientist, does not hesitate to try this latest experiment on himself.

Unfortunately, a bizarre lab accident occurs.

Dr Brain's mind gets mixed up with Rathbone's because he carelessly transmitted too much brain power to Rathbone without paying attention to the Brain Drain.

What a mess! The scientist has now turned himself into a cheese-eating lump of goo, while Rathbone is fast becoming a rodent genius.

Only you can help Dr Elaina, Dr Brain's niece, reconstruct Dr Brain's brain.

To restore the scientist's complex brain, you, as the player, have to complete your main task of the game - solving every puzzle that Dr Brain ever created.

You need to solve 100 points' worth of puzzles per lobe.

The Lost Mind Of Dr Brain features 10 unique stages that contain hundreds of mind-expanding randomly generated puzzles which can be replayed several times.

Aside from that, there are visual and memory puzzles.

There are various levels of difficulty for players to choose from. Of course, the higher the difficulty level, the greater the scores for each puzzle and the fewer number of puzzles to solve to restore a lobe of Dr Brain's brain.

But be prepared for Dr Elaina. She will not leave you alone while you puzzle over the twists and turns packed into the seemingly endless brain-bending adventures. She will be your guide, providing hints when you get stuck.

However, the value of the puzzle will decrease if you ask Dr Elaina for hints in order to move on. But you will not lose any points if Dr Elaina just gives you a general comment about the human brain and how it functions.

The game's high-quality graphics are striking and players are sure to be amazed by the lip synchronisation of the cartoon characters and the game's stereo-rock music.

The Lost Mind of Dr Brain for Macintosh CD-ROM runs on any 68030 Colour Macintosh with CD-ROM drive, System 6.0.7 or greater, 2.2 megabytes of free RAM, and one MB of free hard drive space.

Your Macintosh system should also include a mouse and has to be connected with a 13 or higher 256 colour monitor.

MEGAHINT: Don't force yourself to try and solve the puzzles if you are exhausted - you will only end up a loser.

MEGAHINT: In many of the puzzles, there are a variety of possible solutions. So, if you reach a dead-end, try another approach. It'll save you a lot of frustration!