Wanting to vet phone calls

PUBLISHED : Monday, 14 August, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 14 August, 1995, 12:00am

I REFER to L.K. Siu's letter headlined, 'New facility puts personal privacy at risk', which appeared in the South China Morning Post on August 10.

I believe L.K. Siu has the problem of invasion of privacy (regarding this Hongkong Telecom facility) backwards. The person making the call is invading the privacy of the person to whom he/she wants to speak.

Before I pick up the telephone I would like to know who is trying to invade my privacy.

The option will be available to stop your number from being displayed and I cannot imagine that anyone is so busy that he/she has no time to use this facility.

If I am calling someone I have no objection to my telephone number being displayed. When receiving a call I would be suspicious of a call with no caller identification.

Could that call be from a businessman who 'cannot afford to pause and think each time before we use the telphone'? I do not think I would want to do business with someone who cannot think before he uses the telephone. When would he think? I am completing my submission to the Telecommunications Authority and advise all those who want 'Calling Number Display' to do the same. I want to vet my telephone calls and not answer nuisance calls.

H.R.K. BENTLEY Pokfulam