Return of the killer sharks

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 15 August, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 15 August, 1995, 12:00am

I WAS not surprised by the responses to my letter headlined 'Kill sharks with grenades' (South China Morning Post, July 3). This headline was misleading when taken out of context, as I never implied that all sharks should be attacked in this way. My meaning was 'Use explosives to kill the killer sharks'.

Given the timing of the sighting by helicopter of large sharks a day after the last fatal attack, and in the same area, I feel it is a reasonable assumption they were the same sharks involved in the attacks and that an opportunity was lost to destroy them - by whatever means - because the government authorities did not react quickly.

Instead the Agriculture and Fisheries Department, at public expense, employed an expert from the United States, who, after days of study gave us the advice we should not swim when the water temperature rises above 24 degrees Centigrade. Well, that's more than half of the year here, and it makes the unsupported assumption that these were tropical sharks.

Records show that a lot of people have died as a result of shark attacks at the same place and time of year in recent years; and this does not include swimmers who have simply gone missing in the same area.

It seems that a shark or group of sharks passes through these waters every year and has developed a taste for human flesh.

Protection of wildlife is a totally separate issue from killing dangerous animals which are a proven threat to people - who also have rights. Those who want to protect sharks should campaign against the eating of shark's fin. That would really save many harmless animals from slaughter.