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Soilbuild's synergy of services brings value and flexibility

Discovery Reports

PUBLISHED : Friday, 09 August, 2013, 4:06pm
UPDATED : Monday, 12 August, 2013, 2:48pm

Towering over the Fusionopolis hub, the award-winning Solaris eco-building stands out in Singapore's one-north business park. Bedecked by lush gardens, corner sky terraces, a solar shaft, naturally ventilated atrium and horizontal sun-shading, the gem of green construction and architectural innovation demonstrates Soilbuild Group's dedication to integrated real estate solutions.

Along with other award-winning projects, such as West Park BizCentral, The Mezzo and Montebleu, Soilbuild has earned a reputation as Singapore's builder of choice. For more than 37 years, Soilbuild has transformed itself from its early beginnings as a Singapore-based builder to an integrated property group with its three core activities in construction, development and management.

Construction has been the backbone of its business since its humble beginnings. "We have in-house architects and other specialists who can take the whole project from conceptualisation to completion," says

Ho Toon Bah, executive director of Soilbuild Construction Group. "True to its flexible and integrated thrust, Soilbuild can work with a broad spectrum of stakeholders and clients from private and public sectors, and even those with no prior experience."

For accomplished property owners, it offers an easy source-design-and-build scheme, providing assistance in all aspects - from land acquisition, to conceptualisation and finance sourcing. Clients are engaged throughout the whole process. This approach delivers greater value and maximises opportunities for the clients.

Cutting across various property segments led by housing and office spaces, the company's construction arm is able to accommodate the client's specific requirements with a hands-on approach to every project. The company also provides design-and-build turnkey solutions for multinational corporations. It also participates in public sector housing projects for Singapore's Housing Development Board. Soilbuild Construction Group was successfully listed on the Singapore Exchange mainboard in May this year.

Soilbuild diversified into property development in the early 2000s. Focused on the Singapore market, Soilbuild has built a large customer base among small and medium enterprises looking to develop their businesses through purchase or leasing.

To date, Soilbuild has sold more than 1,000 residential units in Singapore. Its portfolio of award-winning residential properties range from high-end luxury condominiums to townhouses and conservation terraces such as Leonie Parc View, Meier Suites and Montebleu.

Apart from property development, Soilbuild has developed a large portfolio of best-in-class business space assets. The company manages more than 4 million square feet of business space located strategically in Singapore's fastest growing districts.

Soilbuild develops its own pool of professionals in fund and asset management. This platform has enabled the property developer to make sound investment decisions.

As part of efforts to boost its capability on this front, Soilbuild has appointed Singapore real estate investment trust (reit) veteran Shane Hagan to lead its team of fund management specialists. This is in preparation for the floating of its first reit, which was launched on August 7 with an initial portfolio of S$935 million (HK$5.7 billion).

Setting its sights abroad, Soilbuild plans to expand its business into other parts of Asia where its services can be replicated and the risks of such expansion contained.

To date, the company has secured contracts in Myanmar to provide professional consultancy, project management services and project management consultancy services. It plans to further strengthen its presence in Myanmar.

"We adopt a two-prong strategy; extending our external wing while pushing for further growth in the Singapore market," Ho says. "This will enable us to stay rooted in our core fundamentals, yet allow us to transform and adapt to external conditions."

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