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CW empowers Asia's precision engineering sector

Discovery Reports

PUBLISHED : Friday, 09 August, 2013, 4:46pm
UPDATED : Monday, 12 August, 2013, 3:04pm

Asia's precision engineering sector is gaining momentum, driven by the region's emergence as a global manufacturing powerhouse and growing interest in renewable energy.

Backed by innovation, operational excellence and high-value products and services, CW Group steadily scales the precision engineering industry's inclined trajectory to meet the markets' needs and expectations.

Focused on speciality sectors such as aerospace, oil and gas, marine and energy, CW is a one-stop precision engineering solutions provider, and a machine tool manufacturer and distributor. Designing complete equipment manufacturing lines according to clients' requirements, CW executes customers' proposals quickly and cost-effectively.

Acting as a reliable business partner, CW optimises manufacturing set-ups and ensures that business expansion plans proceed without disrupting existing operations.

"We make sure businesses run as they grow," says William Wong, chairman and CEO of CW. "We are part of your company. That's the beauty of the value we provide. We want to be tied with you as a family so we can grow together."

To gain recognition as an international player, CW listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange to better serve markets in China and worldwide. World-class equipment and machine tool makers that want to outsource their engineering production needs approach CW to help them galvanise their plans.

A trusted partner of global equipment supplier Rolls-Royce, among others, CW helps companies penetrate new markets and manages solutions to protect the clients' technology.

Bringing its 20-year western experience and expertise to Asia, CW empowers Asian operators as they adapt western technologies for local use. It enables machine tool manufacturers in the region such as 145-year-old Kiwa Machinery in Japan and DMG in Shanghai to explore new zones and expand their businesses.

Keen on advancing its technology, CW seeks long-term partners and investors in China and worldwide. It also eyes state-owned corporations in the region to support its expansion plans.

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