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Oceanic Group makes waves in Asia's cruise industry

Discovery Reports

PUBLISHED : Friday, 09 August, 2013, 5:18pm
UPDATED : Monday, 12 August, 2013, 3:30pm

The tide that carried leisure ships in North America and Europe has shifted. Asia's nascent cruise industry is touted as the last frontier and Hong Kong's Kai Tak Cruise Terminal is destined to become Asia's leading cruise hub. As these develop, Oceanic Group, Asia-Pacific's leading ship management company, is poised to make significant ripples in the region's luxury lifestyle space.

"The cruise industry in Asia will experience robust growth within the next five years and we are well-anchored to respond to that," says Daniel Chui, managing director of Oceanic Group.

At the core of Oceanic Group's offerings are its ship management services for cruise and passenger vessels. The company provides technical knowledge to shipowners and operators, ensuring a vessel's seaworthiness. It offers specialised crew and professional repair services, among others, that comply with international regulations.

"We manage all stages of a cruise project, from planning and design to construction and delivery," Chui says. "We form strategic alliances with investors, contractors, engineers and specialised tradespeople to deliver world-class ships."

Directing Oceanic Group's growth is a seasoned operations manager. As erstwhile director of leading global ocean liners, Chui witnessed the ship management industry's development in the past 20 years. Chui is also a respected resource person and regular participant in shipping conferences and international trade shows.

Backed by extensive management experience, Oceanic Group entered into a joint venture with the Dubai government to rehabilitate Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2). Dubbed as "The Most Famous Ocean Liner in the World", QE2 is set for relaunch next year as a floating 5-star hotel.

"The QE2 is a global legend, an awe-inspiring ship with a rich history," Chui says. "Once completely restored, she will add a new level of luxury accommodation without the need for land."

Oceanic Group is spearheading two additional projects to boost the cruise industry in the region. In the pipeline are a cruise ship based in Hong Kong and a floating entertainment cruise liner that will sail through Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The projects will bring together various stakeholders such as partners, investors, governments and tourism boards of participating countries.

"This is an opportunity for all of us - ports, suppliers, shipowners and operators - to grow. Investors are welcome to seize the moment with us," Chui says.

Established in 2009, Oceanic Group achieved triple-digit growth in three years, thanks to its experienced and dedicated technical staff that executes the company's strategic direction.

Oceanic Group's trademark ingenuity ferried the company to act on the region's growing demand for specialised and innovative products and services. Drawing interest from cruise operators, cruise owners and industry suppliers to build a niche in Asia-Pacific, the company continues to invest in people and modern vessels. It offers services such as overnight to five-day cruises, moving through the coastlines of Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei and South Korea.

Plans to enhance customers' cruising experiences are underway as Oceanic Group looks into developing floating home communities. Tapping Asia's growing middle class, Oceanic Group offers consulting services to build residential floating homes for professionals and environmentally-aware individuals, as it cultivates the region's pristine lakes and rivers.

Headquartered in Singapore with offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai, Oceanic Group aims to provide a comprehensive turnkey service that will incorporate design and construction plans. The company will also offer technical advice on sanitation and government regulations.

"Floating homes have evolved into sublime lifestyle spaces. We would like to enhance the whole living space and environment and add flavour to an otherwise empty, huge lake," Chui says. "We have to adapt to changes, create new industries and prepare the market to sustain growth."

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