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Company philosophy drives success for Braemar Offshore

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PUBLISHED : Friday, 09 August, 2013, 5:21pm
UPDATED : Monday, 12 August, 2013, 3:32pm

With a strong Singaporean work ethic and emphasis on fostering good relationships, Braemar Offshore has become one of the preferred providers of marine, offshore engineering consultancy and marine warranty survey services in the Asia-Pacific region.

Operating as a unit of the Braemar Technical Services Group, Braemar Offshore has become a leader in the region's marine consultancy industry with its corporate philosophy.

"We spare no effort to inculcate in our staff the philosophy of the company - how we work hard and how we work for one another," says managing director Chan Yew Wah.

Braemar Offshore invests heavily in developing its staff, often bringing its employees from Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and China to train at its Singapore head office.

The company ensures that its employees apply Singaporean management and technical skills in their home countries.

Serving the client as a team is also integral to Braemar Offshore's success. The company makes sure that each team of carefully selected engineers and experts supports the others. "Building up a cohesive team is the strength of our company," Chan says. "We operate like one big family."

Teamwork allows Braemar Offshore to consistently provide its clients with attentive, round-the-clock service. Braemar Offshore has been long entrusted by major oil companies, underwriters and offshore installation and drilling contractors to oversee their offshore construction and installation engineering projects in the region.

"We do more to safeguard the clients' interests than just doing what is within the scope of work," Chan says. "That's our business philosophy and how we run our business."

To better serve its clients, Braemar Offshore welcomes business collaborations and joint-venture opportunities with smaller or other companies with different skills or areas of expertise. With offices in Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Indonesia, India and Thailand and three locations in China, the company will continue to expand its operations within the region.

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