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MTM brings best practices to ship management

Discovery Reports

PUBLISHED : Friday, 09 August, 2013, 5:29pm
UPDATED : Friday, 04 October, 2013, 10:16am

Known for its modern technical expertise and adherence to international standards, MTM Ship Management continues to exceed customers' expectations with its knowledge management system and culture of excellence. Having acquired its mother company's chemical trading experience,

MTM has honed its first-hand exposure to the best industry practices to develop its own knowledge base since 1988.

"We collect knowledge, we analyse knowledge, we find the best practices through these analyses, and these best practices become procedures in MTM," says managing director Vijay Rangroo.

The company manages 56 vessels across the globe from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Britain, the United States and its headquarters in Singapore. Sixty per cent of these vessels are ships owned by other companies that rely on the credibility of MTM as a quality and safety system specialist.

"At MTM, we respect the asset we manage and look after it as if it were our own," Rangroo says. With this mindset, MTM has gained the trust of its diverse clientele. Apart from the usual chemical tankers, MTM has handled container ships, dry bulks and gas carriers. "We have the adaptability to take in any type of vessel. This is our strength."

With its reliable predictive maintenance systems and modern engineering operational procedures, MTM takes over the responsibility for its custom-made vessels from the design stage, assuring vessel longevity and cost-efficiency for its clients. MTM applies the highest asset preservation and control standards set by the company's competent pool of seafarers and engineers.

"The path MTM Ship Management has chosen is a path of care and professional pride," Rangroo says. The company's talent management system offers hands-on case-based developmental training, encouraging total improvement and allowing recruits to become self-motivated and technically competent. Sourcing through institutions from Myanmar, India and the Philippines, MTM aims to attract more professionals to its growing talent pool.

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