Testing - act of aggression

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 02 September, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 02 September, 1995, 12:00am

I THINK Ms Alpha Lau has missed the point entirely, (letter headlined, 'Selfish US', South China Morning Post, August 28).

All the commotion about China's recent nuclear testing is more pointed at environmental issues and safety rather than who has the strongest nuclear arsenal and power advantage.

China is undoubtedly lagging behind the US and Russia in nuclear testing, but to what end can it justify its activity as anything but an act of political aggression directed towards its strained relationship with Taiwan? Any pragmatic individual can clearly see that these issues of nuclear testing are more political than military in nature.

The desire to 'monopolise' an all-encompassing, all-destructive power source is at the very least pathologically ludicrous: this remains true for any one nation. Ms Lau should reconsider spending her energy in a more constructive manner such as 'nuclear disarmament' in a global sense.

This would be a more fruitful exercise rather than concerning oneself that each country, out of fairness, can potentially destroy the world many thousands of times over.