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Have the time of your life

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 03 September, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 03 September, 1995, 12:00am

Buried In Time For Macintosh CD-ROMs GOOD news! With Buried In Time, the sequel to The Journeyman Project, just released, adventure gamers can look forward to hours of fun in front of their computers.

In Buried In Time, you once again play the role of Gage Blackwood, Agent 5 of the Temporal Security Agency (TSA). It is your responsibility to ensure that the history of the Earth is not altered by anyone with the ability or inclination to do so.

It is 2318. One day you wake up and your future self, wearing an advanced time travel suit, tells you that you have been framed for tampering with time. He also tells you that he has hidden more information inside you.

Your future self transfers his suit to you, and surrenders to the TSA agent who has pursued him.

You then jump 10 years into the future and find yourself in Gage's apartment. The adventure is about to begin! Buried In Time has several play variations - players can choose the Walkthru or Adventure mode.

Novices should first try out the Walkthru mode as it offers you guidance throughout your journey.

In this mode, most of the puzzles have either been simplified or removed from the game completely.

The Walkthru mode gives novice players a chance to experience the story of Buried in Time without the full-scale challenge.

If you are an experienced adventure game player, don't waste your time on the Walkthru mode.

To get the most out of the game, turn off the lights and put on a pair of headphones - this creates the ideal atmosphere for Buried In Time.

Apart from the two play modes, players can obtain a 'helpmate' at one of the game locations who will provide colourful commentary during the game and will give you helpful hints if you are prepared to give up points.

Despite the enjoyable aspects of the game, there are some irritating hiccups.

You are only given your score when you choose to finish up your game or die, so it is virtually impossible to tell where points are accumulated.

The interface of the game is slightly different to other popular adventure games, but you will soon get used to it.

Another complaint players may want to lodge is that the game's action window is far too small.

Buried in Time is a truly interactive CD-ROM adventure game. It has a lot of good puzzles that can be solved logically, and is much less ephemeral than the award-winning adventure game, Myst.

Journeyman Project 2: Buried In Time, for Macintosh CD-ROMs, requires Quadra, Power Mac, or 68040 or faster. The game also supports Performa 460, 466, 467, 550 and 600. Your Macintosh system has to run on System 7.1 or higher with 8 MB of RAM, 15 MB of hard disk space and double-speed CD-ROM drive.

MEGAHINT: Two bits make up the transporter code. One is inside the plasma machine in the silo. For the other bit, go back to Gage's apartment and watch INN. Make sure you read all the way through the descriptions of each alien species.


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