Nail polish takes firm hold

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 17 September, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 17 September, 1995, 12:00am

MAKE your finger tips look glamorous with natural shades or striking colours. Lancome has a range that includes vibrant colours. It recently introduced the Vernis Triple-Tenue nail polish.

Its name means triple staying power and the nail polish offers a threefold benefit: it seals firmly, the colour does not fade and the shine is not dimmed. This has been made possible by changing the structure of the polish.

Its strong hold, brilliant colour, homogenous coating and ease of application are the result of elastofix, an exclusive plastifier at the heart of the formula which also protects the nails and prevents chipping.

A new meshwork of colouration smooths and perfects the nail surface.

Even the brush has a new design, with hairs of different size and type to apply the right amount of polish and ensure an immediate smooth result.

There are 20 shades in the Vernis Triple-Tenue range, with three additions for the autumn/winter collection. 'There are five natural shades, like beige, slightly pearly tones and pink tones, which are popular,' said brand manager Rebecca Ip.

'We will still keep the French manicure and, for the colour look, we have a purplish blood colour.' To go with the nail polishes, Lancome has launched a new lipstick called Rouge Magique.

'We have Rouge Absolu, which we call a comfort hydrating lipstick, and the new one is extremely long-lasting. So now we have two choices,' Ms Ip said.

Rouge Magique has a velvety satin finish.

'In the past, we have had matte or brilliant colours but this time it is rich and velvety in terms of colours and look,' she said.

Like most modern lipsticks it incorporates skin-care benefits derived from vitamin E to protect against ultraviolet rays.

There are 12 shades and purples are quite strong this season, according to Ms Ip.

Many of the colours are fairly intense with a hint of blue or purple, like fuchsia, and there is also a sprinkling of brown tones.