PLA becomes major player in manufacturing

PUBLISHED : Monday, 18 September, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 18 September, 1995, 12:00am

THE People's Liberation Army (PLA) has become a major industrial manufacturer with more of its defence technology being transferred to civilian use.

The Army has already taken up a lion's share in the aviation, aerospace, nuclear, electronics, shipping and weaponry sectors.

The Hong Kong China News Agency yesterday reported that the PLA occupied more than 80 per cent of the production values of the six industries.

The goods produced include rockets for commercial operation, aircraft, cars, television sets and computers.

The agency said the PLA was one of the new locomotives for exports.

More PLA industrial departments have shifted their production lines to civilian goods as the demand for military products decreases.

The PLA has been active in engaging in business activities as the country stresses the development of a market economy.

China has invested more than six billion yuan to support 400 PLA projects of defence conversion in the past five years.

Beijing has approved 2,500 national defence operations being transferred to civilian use.

The agency said the industrial departments under the PLA had set up more than 600 lines of civilian products which manufactured 15,000 different goods.

Cars manufactured by the PLA take up 60 per cent of national production, while its colour TV sets and cameras occupy 30 per cent and 20 per cent of the national production in their sectors respectively.