No 'sticky end' with this label

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 26 September, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 26 September, 1995, 12:00am

THE post office has introduced a user-friendly sticky-backed label for Speedpost to save customers time.

When completed, the form gives information pertaining to the item's destination, sender, receiver, contents, weight and postal fee - all in triplicate.

The Multipac form, introduced after the post office obtained Trading Fund Status in August, also cuts down on mistakes, according to Ellen Siu, the controlling manager.

'Before the Multipac label, people sending Speedpost items had to fill out three forms - for customs, the post office and as a receipt. The more pieces of paper senders had to fill out, the more chance there was of mistakes occurring.

'Now, the customer only has to fill out the Multipac form which gives carbon copies for the receiver and customs,' Mrs Siu said.

Forms are available at all 49 Speedpost acceptance counters.

Senders have to write their name and address in the left-hand corner and the destination in the right-hand corner.

Companies with Speedpost accounts have to include account numbers in a designated section.

'Regular users of Speedpost can open accounts which enable them to pay postage with credit. Opening an account also allows companies to scheme postal fees into annual budgets and entitles them to pick-up service,' Mrs Siu said.

To complete the customs declaration section, highlighted in orange, senders have to tick one of three boxes describing the package's contents.

Space is allocated on the form for a brief description of the contents, their value and weight.